The Dance of Distrust


Where there is trouble in your organization, there is distrust. Where there is distrust, trouble is right around the corner. The dance of distrust–all we do to protect ourselves in an environment of distrust–saps resources, hampers results, and kills profit.

I don’t care how long the distrust has existed. It doesn’t matter how deeply the distrust goes. Every organization can improve by growing trust. This means every person becoming more trusting and trustworthy. It starts small and grows. It starts with us.


In your corner,


PS: A very small percentage of the people will be hard pressed to become more trusting and trustworthy. Tip: describe their job in terms of desried results (versus tasks or responsibilities). When a role is fully described by the desired results, trust and trustworthiness become implicit requirements to do the job well. Hold them accountable for those results. Offer coaching in support of them delivering those results. They will either have to improve or move on.


Today’s photo credit: Max Ruckman via photopin cc

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