Superlatives Can’t Replace Honest & Effective


Unique! Unparalleled! Exceptional! New! Improved! Unprecedented! Award-winning! Powerful!

When marketing (internally to the team or externally to clients and partners), we must not fall into the trap of superlatives. No one listens when we use flowery words to explain how good our product, project, or service are. Superlatives are no replacement for honest, effective messaging.

What does work is turning the camera. Instead of saying how great we are, let’s show our audience that we understand what they face and how what we offer can help with that.


In your corner,


PS: Hint: try removing every adjective from your messages. If they still make sense, great. If not, keep the camera turned and edit away.

PPS: Impactful! World-class! Leading! Best-of-breed! Ultra! Extra! Hot! …

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