Start a Movement


Think big: what could be so much better than it is now?

To get that, we don’t need a special title. We don’t need permission. We can start without money. We don’t need a plan. We don’t need to know how.

All we need are that compelling, exciting, feels-good idea about the better something and our own commitment to maintain focus on this good-feeling idea. This is exactly how all movements start. The rest tends to take care of itself.

Your turn: start a movement.


In your corner,


PS: Also oddly helpful are an irrational assurance of success and a curiosity about how it will all work out.

PPS: The idea has to feel good to sustain it and attract others to join in.

PPPS: Yes, this works at your organization. And in your home. And everywhere.


Today’s photo credit: bullcitydogs via photopin cc

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