Fall in Love with Your Vision

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So used to expecting things not to work out, we limit our vision of what think we or our businesses can achieve. Or, perhaps, we allow our vision to be swamped by “yeah buts” (thoughts of fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, regret, or guilt). Damn. What if, instead, we loved our vision? Imagine what would […]

Certain Change Leaders

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Some leaders are comfortable with and even thrive in uncertainty and change. We see them being strategic, inspirational, and courageous. They help us find our next best markets, positioning, and offers. Their blind spot is getting to the end zone before everyone else and wondering why no one has followed them. Other leaders demand certainty and resist […]

Paint a Picture

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Worry (or, more mildly, concern) binds us. It keeps us overly focused on avoiding what could go wrong. This limits the time and energy we need to have things go right. The antidote is simple: spend more time envisioning what we want. Try this: take just four minutes this morning to paint a picture in your mind […]

This Ought To Do It

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I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want. – Mark Twain We often don’t have a clear, compelling, and commonly-understood (by all the people who matter) set of goals for our businesses or our lives. […]


How to Build a Truly Compelling Goal

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Success demands a clear, compelling, and commonly understood vision or goal. Such a goal answers the big question, “Why?” We can probably write a clear goal. And we can include whoever matters as we build it so that the goal is commonly understood. But to make it compelling our goal needs to satisfy these criteria: It comes […]


Start a Movement

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Think big: what could be so much better than it is now? To get that, we don’t need a special title. We don’t need permission. We can start without money. We don’t need a plan. We don’t need to know how. All we need are that compelling, exciting, feels-good idea about the better something and […]


Enough with the Calculus of Fate

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When we look to the future, most of us have very little idea about what we actually want.  If pressed, we mention some generic notions like  having more money, more success, more time, better relationships, or staying healthy. Oddly, we actually resist getting specific. We kick up “yeah, buts”  like, “What if I dream of […]