Paint a Picture
Paint a Picture

Paint a Picture

Worry (or, more mildly, concern) binds us. It keeps us overly focused on avoiding what could go wrong. This limits the time and energy we need to have things go right.

The antidote is simple: spend more time envisioning what we want.

Try this: take just four minutes this morning to paint a picture in your mind of some result you really want. Make it rich in compelling, exciting details. Whenever bad-feeling worries, concerns, or “yeah, buts” show up, set them aside and return to the picture you are painting. You will likely notice that 1) you feel better than you did four minutes earlier and 2) getting the results you want will become easier.

Feel good, good leader.


In your corner,


PS: We can use this to improve our thinking and effectiveness for a project, goal, week, or day.


Today’s photo credit: Jocelyn Durston cc

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