Want What You Want

Please let yourself want what you want. It is okay to want. What messes us up are Striving and Denial. Striving and Denial create all the friction, resistance, and negativity that we have been blaming Want for.

Striving is the act of trying to get what we want while believing that what we want is difficult or impossible to have. The most common form of striving is the belief in hard work to get what you want. Hard work can lead to you getting what you want. And so can smart work–only with less struggle and effort.

Denial is pretending we don’t really want we what we want. We have been taught denial by others or by circumstances. When we’ve sought what we want for so long and can’t seem to reach it, it is natural that we would start to deny what we want just to avoid the disappointment.

Clean all that up by just wanting what you want. Okay?


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