Leading When Beliefs Go Rogue

Labels, judgments, yeah buts, and other beliefs about the way things are can help but often stop helping us. They go rogue.

We can tell that a belief has gone rogue on us in two ways. First, we feel bad when we think it. We often attribute the bad feeling to whatever we’re considering. “I feel bad because she’s this way, he’s that way, I’m this way, and things are going badly the other way.” But it’s really a signal from the wiser parts of us warning that we’re thinking about things in a less than helpful way. Second, we aren’t getting the results we want.

Our hard work as leaders is not in making things happen or getting people to do good stuff. It’s in tuning our thinking–especially long-held but rogue beliefs–to what feels better.  And this makes way for people to do good stuff and for good things to happen.


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PS: Yes, you are that powerful, dear leader.


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