This Changes Everything

Two simple thoughts cause most of the pain and dysfunction we see around us. They are, “We are separate,” and, “There is not enough.”

Consider what would happen if people started believing the opposite: “We are one,” and, “There is more than enough.” How would our own lives change? How would all the nasty, divisive, and fearful politics change? What would become of all the injustices? How much better would our companies and institutions run?  What about rage, war, hunger, poverty, and violence?

Would everyone believing in our unity and abundance solve all the problems? Is it even true that we are one and abundant? Perhaps not. But which is more likely to solve our problems, big and small: believing in our isolation and lack or believing in our unity and abundance?

Right. Good. Off you go. Be this change.


In your corner,


PS: Make no mistake: I advocate no political perspectives. To date, all political approaches have spawned from the thoughts of separation and lack. Just read headlines and history to see it.


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2 thoughts on “This Changes Everything

  1. Wow! So simple, so powerful and significant! I visualize your book being organized around such powerful aphorisms as chapters filled with the less universal ideas and specific examples within chapters… but then many of the specifics are examples of more than one giant universal?

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