Organizational Overwhelm


When your entire team or organization is in overwhelm, one or more of these are broken.

  • Rhythm – Too many, too few, or the wrong sorts of meetings. Lack of tracking what we’ve committed to. Under- or over playing the value of systems. Poor accountability and follow-through on the important-but-not-urgent stuff.
  • Roles – Uncomfortable overlaps or gaps between what I do and what you do.
  • SweetSpot & Mission – We can’t connect what we are doing now to a compelling, clear, complete, and commonly-understood greater purpose. General malaise held at bay by flurries of busyness.
  • Leadership Team – Dysfunction between teams occurring because, as business consulting great Patrick Lencioni says, issues that should be resolved by the leaders are left to their teams to resolve.
  • Mental Models – Our world- and self-views over-focus on limitations, worries, obstacles, fears, doubts, blame, and lack.
  • Profit – We do not charge enough. We push ourselves for more; we think that working harder or smarter is the answer.

Of course, these are interrelated.

And, of course, you can fix them–any and all. State what you want to be true. Feel how good it will be. Take the next best step you can. Repeat.


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