This Changes Everything

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Two simple thoughts cause most of the pain and dysfunction we see around us. They are, “We are separate,” and, “There is not enough.” Consider what would happen if people started believing the opposite: “We are one,” and, “There is more than enough.” How would our own lives change? How would all the nasty, divisive, […]


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When will we have enough? Never. It’s not because we have a psychological problem. It’s because–as soon as we reach any level of achievement–we will naturally and healthfully look over the edge, wonder what’s next, and pick something new to go after. This a good and natural part of being human. But many of us do […]

like grains of sand

More Than Enough

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It’s true despite the deadlines. The economy doesn’t affect it either. It doesn’t matter how much competition appears to exist for talent, roles, attention, clients, money, or other resources. And no amount of missed opportunities will change the fact. There is always enough. Always.   In your corner, Mike PS: It may not take the […]

Can We Have Everything?

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The cars, the houses, the career, the family, the vacations, the meaningful experiences, the titles, the accolades, the bucket list, the prestige, the money, the cottage, the degrees and certifications, the friends, the love, the fame, the good life, the perfect swing, the next iPhone? (I could go on.) Can we have everything? No. There […]

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Wealth and Status

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Wealth and status. Credentials and fame. Prestige and affluence. Contrary to some thought, none of these are bad. What is damaging to us and our world is pursuing them thinking they bring happiness. In fact, it’s the other way around.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Daniel Piraino via photopin cc

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No Regrets

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Never regret missed opportunities. Despite what you may have believed, they say nothing about what’s coming. You get as many kicks at the can as you like. Only your expectations dictate. Oh, here come some more glorious opportunities for you right now.   In your corner, Mike Today’s photo credit: Emyan via photopin cc

parallel universes

Parallel Worlds

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What if there were parallel worlds? Science and science-fiction writers have explored the possibility. Occupying the same space as our own world, a parallel world could exist right next to us. We would never know it and could never reach it. We can imagine that in one world, things happen and the people live in […]


Between You and More

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Most of us would say we want more–more money, more time, more love, more ease, more health. That’s fine. And there really isn’t that much standing between us and having it. The problem is that we misuse the best tool available to us for having what we want: our thinking. Here are the top 3 […]