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They say that execution eats strategy for breakfast. But emotional intelligence devours execution while it sleeps. Ew. But hmm.

Complex Brew

Our businesses are complex brews of people, product, and process. Yet there are only four points of failure, ultimately, in any venture. […]


Are We Allowed to Fail?

We have heard that the dramatically successful organizations embrace rather than fear failure. They see failure as really quite a good thing. […]


How to See Failure

We can see failure in two ways: as something we work (damn) hard to avoid or as no big deal. When it’s […]


Fail Your Way to Success

Embracing failure is an oddly effective way to ultimately succeed. This does not mean just hoping everything goes well, winging it, ignoring it, or […]

2 steps forward

Seeing Improvement

There are two ways to visualize continuous improvement. One way is as a steady march. The other is a spiral. Which visualization […]