Ever wonder what it will take for our ship to come in, for us to be finally more calm, for things to start working right, or for our work and our relationships to click? It won’t be some insight. Nor will it be something that someone else does for us. It is something only we can do: practice a new focus and attitude.

Our focus and attitude have a dramatic effect on results. Up to now, we practiced a focus and attitude that we thought would get results. That practice helped us build what we might call our winning ways. These ways got us here. But when we notice some desire remaining out of reach, that’s our sign to change our focus and attitude.

We are so used to our winning ways that a change in focus and attitude can be hard. To make such a change, we practice. Steady, regular, small (at first) practice of a buzz-raising focus and attitude will do the trick.


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PS: What’s the new focus and attitude? Since most of us are extremely well practiced at a focus on what could go wrong and a fine attitude of judgment, we’d probably do very well to focus on positive expectations and an attitude of joy.

PPS: Yup; lots of practice needed. And it pays off handsomely.


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pan optike

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