How to Get Traction When You Have Been Spinning Your Wheels

Whenever you are not making progress on something at work or home, try one of these three kickstarters.

  • Define your desired outcome. You will spin your wheels on a topic if you are not completely clear about what end you hope to achieve. Write down your desired outcome and notice how this clarity helps.
  • Define the very next doable step. You may be trying to think through (or worry about) many or all the options and steps. No need. Once you know your desired outcome, just pick the one next doable thing you can do and do that. When that step is  complete, decide again what is next to be done in order to get to the desired outcome.
  • Put it on your back burner. You may be working on something that you do not have time, energy, or focus for. If so, stop. Give yourself a break. Add this item to your back burner: a list of things you may or may not get to soon and want to be reminded about regardless.

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