The Road Out

road out

All of us want to move away from fear and toward joy. We are pre-wired for it. Our problem is that we unwittingly believe that staying in fear is the way to joy.

How did we get this way? We inherited it. We have inherited the habit of dwelling in the fear out of fear that something bad will happen. To move away from whatever threatens us (e.g. poor business results, change, politics, relationship issues), we tap the energy of fear to push us. We worry, react, and stress. We do this without even thinking about it.

Then we wonder why it’s taking so long to finally get to the joy (success, peace, love, abundance, results, health, calm) we’ve been seeking.

The road out of fear is not more fear. It is joy. We may be mostly out of or mostly in fear at any given time. We can always tell whether we heading out of fear because it feels good. Fear feels bad. To replace the old, inherited “fear itself” habit, pause, see how you feel, choose to focus on a thought that feels even just a tiny bit better (any thought that feels better will do), and repeat.

Go for joy.


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