Ignite Others’

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What if the only way to get anyone to do anything was to show them how doing what you suggest generates the exact wins they want for themselves? Of course, it is not the only way. You can push, plea, demand, “guilt,” ask, tell, teach, and expect people to do stuff. Those all work as […]

3 New Habits for Back-to-School

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How are you doing with the Effectiveness Habits and building your lists? Back-to-school time is a good time to refocus on them. And it’s a good time for me to introduce three new habits. The original seven Effectiveness Habits are: 1 Get it Out of Your Head Write down every current and potential task so your […]

Convince Anyone

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Want to convince someone to do something that–so far–they have not done? You can. Just show the other person how your idea is an absolute win for them (and for you). Of course, you’ll have to start by understanding what makes a win for them. Tricky? Takes a long time? Perhaps. And I know you can pull […]

The We Lens and Win-Win

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Success for you and your organization is simple using  The Four Lenses of Success: What, We, Can, and Do. Let’s explore the “We” lens. Help on the Journey You can never, never, ever create the success you want by yourself.  Though you absolutely get to call it your success, you always need help from those […]