3 New Habits for Back-to-School

How are you doing with the Effectiveness Habits and building your lists?

Back-to-school time is a good time to refocus on them. And it’s a good time for me to introduce three new habits.

The original seven Effectiveness Habits are:

1 Get it Out of Your Head Write down every current and potential task so your mind won’t have to remember everything.
2 Feel Good. Then Act. When you pause to feel better, your actions and the results you want come with much more ease.
3 MOD It Transform your Habit #1 mass of tasks, ideas, and potential tasks into Meaningful Outcomes and Doables.
4 Act Naturally Neither pushing nor avoiding, scan your list of doables to choose the very best thing to do.
5 Know Why Know the big picture and know why that big picture is compelling so you can put daily work into a meaningful context.
6 Refresh Refresh your system of lists daily and weekly so it stays reliable and so you continue to feel in charge.
7 Cultivate Access to You Dedicate regular time to discovering and accessing your deeper, who-you-really-are self for ease.

Continue to use these in good health!

Now let’s look at the three new habits. When I teach the Effectiveness Habits to individuals and companies, people raise the same set of issues:

  • I want to be helpful but I can’t get my own work done. 
  • I seem to spend all my time in meetings, responding to other people’s emergencies, and waiting for people to finish what I asked them for. 
  • How do I maintain my own effectiveness when other people derail me?

We address these common issues with three new habits. Listed below, I’ll publish more detail about each in subsequent posts.

8 Be Explicitly Win-Win Overtly state your intent to go for win-win. Learn what is a win for the other(s) and share what is a win for you.
9 Delegate and Negotiate Clearly Consistently seek clarity about who is doing what by when. Renegotiate when things go off the rails.
10 Make Meetings Meaningful Focus meeting conversations for effectiveness. Design meetings so the right topics are covered by the right people at the right time.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about these!


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