The We Lens and Win-Win

Success for you and your organization is simple using  The Four Lenses of Success: What, We, Can, and Do. Let’s explore the “We” lens.

Help on the Journey

You can never, never, ever create the success you want by yourself.  Though you absolutely get to call it your success, you always need help from those around you. The people who matter to your success may be clients, peers, bosses, investors, employees, friends, family members, vendors, politicians, or members of the press. Use the We lens to focus on and create win-win relationships with each of them.

About Win-Win

We’ll discuss the details of win-win in future posts. For now, here are some highlights.

  • Win-win is more than a quid pro quo. It is not, “I scratched your back so now you scratch mine.” It is not about tallying who has done which favors for whom.
  • It is a habit that starts with a commitment: “I am committed equally to your success and to mine.”
  • “Win-win” is short for “you win and I win otherwise we’ll choose not to play.” If we cannot come up with a solution that works for you and for me–if one of us would lose–we’ll stop.
  • As we’ll see in a future post, only one side need make the commitment to win-win for it to work.
  • Win-win also applies to situations involving multiple parties and complex topics.
  • There are many other names for win-win. “The Golden Rule” and “Give to Others What You Need Most” are two.

Where could you use more win-win? Look for places where you or someone who matters is losing.

Questions? Love to hear ’em and respond below.


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