When we don’t say what needs to be said, when we don’t do the thing that is right to do, when we don’t make that big change, when we hold back, distract ourselves, or go numb, we do so because we are terrified. Terror holds us away from what we want and blinds us to the solutions we need.

Yet we need not be terrified.

If we are terrified, it only means that we are approaching something important that we’ve never done before. We fear failure in these cases but there is no real failure. We can handle any challenge, any situation. We can be vulnerable. Then we reap the rewards for dealing openly, honestly, and immediately with each challenge. Those rewards are new insights, better solutions, new or deeper connections with others, freedom, wisdom, and happiness.


In your corner,


PS: Yes, acknowledged: the first few times we try shifting from terrified to open can be difficult. That’s because terrified is a habit, a very strong habit. The first step is easy, though: we commit to changing it.

Today’s photo credit: ocean yamaha via photopin cc

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