Rock Stars

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When we are worried about what to say, how someone might react, or how we’ll be judged, we are pointing the camera at ourselves. We get so concerned about our performance that we wreck our ability to perform. This is true most everywhere including marketing, sales, influence, negotiations, and leading. The antidote is to turn the […]

The Long Game

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Driving a bargain, cutting a corner, or forcing a result are ways of playing the short game. We gain but it doesn’t last because someone else has lost. Having thus chipped (or hacked?) away at the foundation of relationships, we end up unable to realize the peace, power, and profit of true partnership. Let us […]

Our Best Start

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In an interview, in a sale, when working with colleagues, or when leading others, we best start by understanding what our counterparts need, want, and desire. Then we can explore with them how our talents, products, services, ideas, and requests serve those needs etc. Our first steps are to ask open-ended questions about what they want and why. Then […]

That Successful 

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Measuring up, beating the other guy, and doing what we’re supposed to do are sad substitutes for success. What really gets us there are creativity, win-win, and doing what we are. Our world desperately needs you to be that successful.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: lisadonoghue(away) cc

Ask, Don’t Tell

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Tell me the answers, what I should do, what’s right, and you may get my grudging compliance. You certainly will be training me to distrust your motives and defend against your suggestions in the future. But, dear leader, ask me what I think, help me explore options and my own motivation, then set aside your opinions […]