How To Interview Well

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If we see job interviews as tests, we will be too nervous, give off a low-confidence vibe, and choke. A better way is to see them as an exploration. As we might do if we already had the job, we turn our camera away from ourselves and focus on them. We ask questions and navigate […]

Our Best Start

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In an interview, in a sale, when working with colleagues, or when leading others, we best start by understanding what our counterparts need, want, and desire. Then we can explore with them how our talents, products, services, ideas, and requests serve those needs etc. Our first steps are to ask open-ended questions about what they want and why. Then […]

Nice Beats Experience

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We can waste a lot of time struggling with people who are smart, hard working, experienced, connected, and/or driven but who are not the good, nice people we want to work with. Hire first for attitude and values. Then for smarts and relationships. And train the rest.   In your corner, Mike PS: Leaders who have […]