How do you decide something?

You may take the reasonable approach. You gather data, make lists of pros and cons, get other people’s perspective, or look for precedents. These are all good, even necessary. And they are not enough.

You may take the emotional approach. You go with your gut, leave your fate to Chance, or be guided by your heart. Again, these are fine. And not sufficient.

We usually choose either the reasonable or the emotional approach. What works best is a balance of logic and feeling.

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One thought on “Decisions

  1. A difficult balance to achieve sometimes … but a worthy objective! It all starts with being able to distinguish the two mind functions, since “rationalization” of the emotional component in terms of logical reasons is so difficult to distinguish from valid logical reasons. Have you read “Thinking Fast and Slow” – really good on this issue. And if you really want to look at the biological origins of it, I strongly recommend “Social Conquest of the Earth”. This is the best book I’ve read in years on what the human condition is all about

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