What Got You Here Can’t Get You There

Each phase of a company’s growth demands a leadership approach that is significantly different from the prior phase. When we see a company struggle, we can bet that its leadership approach hasn’t shifted to what’s currently needed.

Yet we, as leaders, resist changing our approach for the very fact that it has been successful so far! Deep within our brains we are running programs that seem to say, “Don’t change. We got this. It’s worked before. It’ll work now.” But, alas, it won’t: what got us here won’t get us there.

Luckily, we are more than our deep programs. Our wisdom and intelligence tells us when we are off base; we will feel bad, we will see more struggle, and we will have fewer desired results.

These are our signals to evolve as leaders. Listen, trust, and grow.


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Today’s photo credit: mikeyashworth cc

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