Tell a Better Story than Disappointment and Blame

Disappointment in and blame of others is wasteful and untrue.

  • When you are disappointed in and blame others or life in general, you are telling the lie that others are responsible for your well-being.
  • When you are accepting/receiving disappointment and blame from someone, you are telling the lie that their happiness is up to you.
  • When you are disappointed at and blame yourself, you are telling the lie that you cannot possibly be in charge your own well-being.

Each of the above forms deflates your confidence and depletes the time, energy, and attention you would otherwise devote to having and enjoying what you want in business and life-at-large.

Instead of disappointment and blame, tell a better story. “I am in charge of my well-being. No matter what happens, I always can and will select my thoughts, opinions, and responses. Others are responsible for their own well being. When we recognize that we are in this same boat, it becomes exciting and rewarding to help each other.”

Much better, eh?


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