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  • What’s Truly True?

    What’s Truly True?

    Albert Einstein, on being congratulated that an experiment had confirmed a prediction in his theories of relativity, said, “No amount of experimentation will ever prove me completely right, but one new fact can prove me completely wrong.” Certainty should be reserved for things which are eternally, unquestionably true. Not much meets this criterion. Let’s adopt […]

  • We Need New Truth

    We Need New Truth

    Truth is what we say it is. We leaders need this newer definition of truth. The old way is ruining things. Thinking of truth in the traditional way–that is, as an absolute–always gets us into trouble. Old-style truth has us looking for the “right” answer instead of looking for the best answer. It pits people…

  • Chasing Career Specters

    Chasing Career Specters

    In every industry or profession there is a mythical,  ideal character we feel compelled to emulate. If we want to get a good job, get ahead, and be seen as on top or at least  acceptable, we twist ourselves to think and act as they do. But this ideal doesn’t exist. She/he/it is a loosely defined…

  • Tell a Better Story than Disappointment and Blame

    Disappointment in and blame of others is wasteful and untrue. When you are disappointed in and blame others or life in general, you are telling the lie that others are responsible for your well-being. When you are accepting/receiving disappointment and blame from someone, you are telling the lie that their happiness is up to you.…