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Destructive leadership rations energy. Productive leadership pumps energy into everyone freely. To share so much, we first have to find and tap for ourselves a virtually unlimited source. And where will find such a source? It’s right here and it’s called appreciation.   In your corner, Mike

Why We Don’t Fight

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Fighting what we don’t want (at home, work, or in the world-at-large) only pushes people to fight back. Our energy gets drained and our effectiveness is muted. It’s so easy to fall into this trap. But let’s not. Let’s instead redirect the energy we would have spent fighting to building what we do want. People […]

brick wall


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It seems so easy to oppose. When we encounter a situation we don’t like, we just say no and we’re done. The problem is that opposition is a terrible waste. Opposition pushes against and invites–or often causes–others to push back. Nothing much happens despite the effort. Even more energy is lost in the heat of […]


Influencing One Way or The Other

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We all influence people to our point of view. How do you influence? It turns out that there is an influencing spectrum.  On one end of the spectrum are people who influence (and want to be influenced) through fun, energy, excitement, emotion, and engagement. On the other end are people who influence (and want to […]

To Lead a Great Life

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One way is to be what’s expected of you. That may mean playing small. Or it may mean striving to measure up or even to be better than. Another way is to be more and more of what and who you are. The former demands from you lots of energy,  focus, and endurance. The latter […]

Your First Step

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You can build a strategy–for yourself or your organization–out of fear. You can apply your intelligence, talent, and strength to defend against obvious or unspoken threats. If you find yourself (and your colleagues) struggling with questions of “How?” “When?” and “Who?” you are likely building a fear-based strategy. The alternative is to build a strategy […]