four stages

The Four Stages

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Every organization, division, or program goes through four stages, in order: Conceive: find something compelling in out clients’ lives that needs fixing and commit to fixing it. Launch: figure out how to fix it for a few clients; keep trying it, learning, improving, and trying it again. Flow: find more clients who need the solution […]


Evolving Our Leadership

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As our organizations grow, we must shift. If we hold too long to the methods that got us here, we will strangle our organizations. So we move away from being a task-master focused on getting it all done and toward being an executive. To be executives (with or without title), we Steward the creation and maintenance of a clear, […]


In A World…

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In a world–heck, even in an organization or family–where things are tense, chaotic, stagnant, or dim, we can lose sight of things. Yet beyond, beneath, or behind Left or right, Hawk or dove, Boss or subordinate, Subways or streetcars, Right or wrong, Good or bad, Old or new, there are always love, growth, freedom, and happiness. […]


Get Out of the Weeds

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To grow the revenue, outcomes, impact, and relevance of our organizations, we as leaders must get out of the weeds. Wherever we are doing or managing the work, we are creating serious limits to our growth. To the extent we focus on leading, we will grow. Leading means hiring the best people, stewarding the SweetSpot […]

Simply Said

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As I’ve been known to say, success is simple. And there are several ways to describe how to have success simply. Here’s one of my faves. Do what you can to add joy, freedom, and growth to your life and others lives. Careful, now. If you’re tempted to think you cannot do this in your […]