Top 5 Hiring Errors

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To hire well, we want to ask the question,”Will this person fit, contribute, and perform well here?” But there are five common hiring errors that get in our way. 1. Hiring for skills. Hiring someone based, in part, on their technical skills (e.g. proficient in Ruby on Rails, knowledge of regulatory environments, budgeting) is actually […]

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Do You Get Good Networking?

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There are those of us who get good networking. We understand it as a natural, powerful way to find work within our SweetSpot, clients who want what we offer, employees who really fit, insight, help, and resources we need, and other business partners with whom we make wonderful wins happen. And there are those who […]


Non-Slimy Networking

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The word networking has a bad reputation. Many of us think networking is somehow slimy, inauthentic, uncomfortable, and/or old-school. And we recoil at the idea of networking to advance our businesses, projects, and careers. Yet some of us say that networking is one of the most wonderful, powerful tools to have in your professional toolkit.  […]


How to Reach Out to New People

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Most of us need to reach out to new people from time to time. Maybe you are selling or developing products or services. Perhaps you want to find the best people to hire. You might need partners for a new venture. Or perhaps you need some other specialized knowledge. If you know people who fit […]


Small Talk Not Needed

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Many of us–introverts and extroverts alike–have trouble meeting and engaging new people at networking events, conferences, and meetings. We feel out of place, exposed, and awkward. Yuck. Luckily, we can have the benefits of meeting new people (including ideas, opportunities, potential partnerships and friendships) without the discomfort. Instead of small talk (“How about those Jays?”), […]


Career “Shoulds”

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“How does your resume look? Do you have an MBA? Did you have an overseas assignment? Do you have this qualification and that training? They look at these things you know. How long have you been in your current role? You really should have more start-up/big-company/finance/sales/operations experience.” Well-meaning people can “should” all over you when […]