Who Owns It?

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If we tell people what to do, when to do it, or how to do it, it’s easy for them to feel justified when it doesn’t go well. If we ask what they think about what, when, and how they will do something, then they will be compelled to make it so. You tell me; you own it. I […]

dropping the ball

Leadership Rule #1

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Never do for another what they can do for themselves. Often we see people dropping the ball and we think, “If you want something done you gotta do it yourself,” or, “It’s just faster if I do it for them.” So, we jump in. We figure things out. We solve the problem. This works for us because the […]

Delegating Trust and Authority

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Delegation requires trust and authority. We must trust that we have adequately described the problem and the desired outcomes. We must trust that our delegates have understood us and are capable. We must trust that they have the needed resources. And we must trust ourselves that we will be able handle whatever happens–good or bad–and that we […]


What Delegation Really Means

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Delegation does not mean simply handing over a task. Nor does it mean getting other people to do a task the way we would. It means setting up an environment where they can do it better then we can. This includes setting the standards or measures of success (“Here’s how we’ll know you’ve done it […]


Delegate, Kind Leader

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Show me someone who is underperforming and I’ll show you someone who very, very likely has not been given clear parameters for success, real-time feedback, coaching, and training, or the time and space to try, fail, learn, and succeed. Delegate, kind leader, delegate.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Mario Klingemann cc

tempus fugit

Take Time for Training

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“I really can’t delegate this. They can’t do it as well as I can. Since I have to fix whatever they do, it’s faster if I do it myself.” “I am so busy.” This is a pernicious trap that keeps us away from the business-building, strategic work that is the leader’s mandate. Chances are very […]