It Only Takes One

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It only takes one person to rise above the drama. It only takes one person to remember the big picture. It only takes one person to commit to the (thus far) impossible. It only takes one person to know that it will all work out better than expected. It only takes one person because when […]

Slow Start

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Why not start today slowly? Before diving into email, calls, or meetings, try sitting quietly for a minute (or three), breathing deeply slowly. Then notice the contrast. My guess? It’ll be rewarding enough to repeat tomorrow.   In your corner, Mike

Put On Your Mask First

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That people around us are struggling, blaming, deflecting, or otherwise full of drama does not mean that we need to do the same. You see, no amount of us struggling, etc. can ever help them. If we’re down, we can’t help them. Only when we are plugged in, feeling good can we ever have the […]

How To Do What’s Hanging Over You

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You know that thing you need to do? The one that’s uncomfortable and hanging over you? We intellectually know that things will be better when we finally just do it. But how to get past the FUDWARG (fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, regret, guilt) that makes it uncomfortable and stalls or stops us? One good […]

How Do You See This One Sentence?

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When we are running on battery power and drained, the tools, insights, and approaches that we most need sound wrong. Plugged in, we will see these tools, insights, and approaches as not only right but as tender gifts. Take this one for instance: “You are 100% responsible for everything that happens in your life.” (Yes, […]

We Are Like Our Smartphones

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Like our smartphones, we can run on battery or plug in. We can go for a while on battery but eventually we will start dragging. On low battery, we feel bad. We blame what must be broken things in other people, the situation, or ourselves. Our effectiveness, enjoyment, and achievements drop. Plugged in and fully […]

keep up

No Need to Keep Up

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Many of us subtly push away success. We fear it. We think, “Sure, I want to be more successful. But I am already so busy and bothered. In order to be more successful, I’d have to do more of this and more of that. I’d have to give up lots of this other thing, too. […]

plug in

Every Day, Please

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Meditate, pray, read. Go for a walk, have a cup of tea, do yoga, get a hug. Give a hug, watch your child sleeping, stretch, skip, scratch behind your cat’s ears. Listen. Sink that putt, pot that goal, cook a meal. Do any other exercise, dream, write, paint, pet your dog, celebrate, appreciate, sing. Do […]

Ego Goes

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Whenever our day or life seems sucky, there’s a good chance that we have gotten tripped up by ego. The solution is not to tame or suppress our egos but to shift our perspective about what ego really is. We attribute to our ego all sorts of flaws. We give it the basest motivations. It […]

hold on

It’s Not How Long You Stay

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As I mentioned earlier, whenever you reach a zone where you are happy, quietly excited, and seeing unexpected miracles, you are plugged in. Once there, business flows, problems melt, and you breathe easier. The temptation is to try to stay “plugged in.” Please don’t. Trying to hold on to that zone comes from a deeper […]