Write Something


A written “to do” list (or “not to do” list) is more effective than one we keep in our heads. If we write down our thoughts about a confusing topic, they become clearer. Fears, uncertainties, pains, and doubts become weaker and much more manageable when we write them down. And wishes, hopes, and goals have an odd way of just appearing in our lives after we’ve written them down.

Writing works so well, in part, because we are slowing down and taking the time to think things through. And because our thinking about the outside world is usually much clearer than our thoughts about ourselves. Writing lets us put that greater clarity to good use on  personal topics.

Writing can take most any form: prose, poetry, lists, or pictures. You can use good old paper and pen, whiteboards, or something digital. It’s all good.

Write something.


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