You Gotta Tell ‘Em

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Needing to deal with poor behavior from someone (especially when it’s consistent) is actually our second problem. Our first problem is telling them. If we tell them, we fear, they may overreact, under-perform, or leave. But if we don’t tell them, everybody else will overreact, under perform, or leave. Dang. In your corner, Mike PS: […]

How to Be Well Rewarded

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Most people don’t know what they want. And if they do, they probably don’t know how to get it. That’s how we can help them. We, the noble leaders, sellers, and influencers are committed to win-win. We know the process. And we are good at running the process: connecting, listening, & exploring, suggesting & negotiating […]

A Fantastic Way to Lead

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The sages tell us that we each create our own reality. This is challenging. For, to believe it, we would have to come to grips with things like blame and guilt, science and causation, innocence and victimhood, and the possibility of having a usually hidden though wiser part of ourselves. But here’s the thing: even […]

Are You the Visionary or the Builder?

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In his book, The Hard Thing About the Hard Things, Ben Horowitz reminds us that there are two types of leaders. He calls them, appropriately, Ones and Twos. We might call them the Visionary and the Builder. Neither is better. All organizations need both types. The Visionary focuses on the big picture, the strategy, and […]

What Raising Our Hand Implies

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Of course, raising our hand to be a leader means we are also raising our hand to develop ourselves into leaders. And this means becoming the kind of person that (many) others will follow and continue to follow in good times and bad. Let’s go, leader!   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: […]

Leadership is Hard. Let’s Go!

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If you don’t like choosing between horrible and cataclysmic,  don’t become a CEO. -Ben Horowitz No, we leaders (not just CEO but at all levels, with or without a title) are not gluttons for punishment. We just know that leadership done well is not what many think or hope it is. Perhaps the dollars, glory, […]

How to Help When Team Members Struggle

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We all struggle from time to time for all sorts of reasons. Though most leaders aren’t trained as therapists, we are all very well trained as humans. Privately, matter-of-factly remarking to a team member that they seem to be struggling then listening without trying to fix or solve is a very good start.   In […]

Leadership, Sales, Collaboration and Picking a Place for Dinner

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Leading, selling, collaborating, and choosing a place to go to dinner with your partner tonight are essentially the same. They all require understanding what the other person ultimately wants, having them understand what we want, and creatively finding a way to satisfy both sides. When we take this particularly helpful perspective, we can easily master […]

Leadership Is Not What We Think It Is

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Leadership is not what we usually think it is: Leadership is not being the decider-in-chief. But the leader sometimes needs to make decisions for the group. Leadership is not commanding and controlling. But the leader usually needs to hold people accountable and sometimes needs to tell people what to do, how to do it, and when. Leadership […]

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Relentless Architects of Possibility

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A leader is the relentless architect of the possibility that others can be.  – Benjamin Zander What does all this relentless possibility have to do with making decisions, getting stuff done, profits, hiring, communications, finance, et cetera?   Everything.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Forsaken Fotos cc