Sometimes We Need a Goals Shortcut


We have much more success at work and home when we are definite about what we want. Most people and their organizations are rather indefinite.

“But,” you say, “I don’t know exactly what I want. And if I did, what if it was wrong and there was something better that I missed? Or what if I don’t get what I most want? That would be devastating.”

Here’s a shortcut around all that: ignore the details (such as x% market share, $y revenue, such-and-such title, so-and-such income, that car, this house, etc.) and be definite only about the essence of what you want.

For most of us (including all the people in our organizations), the essence of what we want is happiness, abundance, growth, freedom, friends, family, and fun.

What could go wrong if we achieve these definite goals?


In your corner,


PS: And the real shortcut is that we can choose to be happy, abundant, etc. right now and any time we want.


Today’s photo credit: Pip R. Lagenta cc

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