How and Why to Get Coaching for Leaders


We leaders (with or without title) have some significant and often unmet needs. We need to know we are making good decisions. We want to work through our thoughts and options. We need an unbiased sounding board. In other words, we need a coach. Without this support, we can feel a little or a lot isolated and unsure.

It is not easy get this type of support. Most of the people around us–employees, bosses, peers, friends, and family members–either have vested interests in what we decide or just aren’t familiar enough with our situation.

With a bit of effort, we can get the coaching we want. Here are three ways. First, we can hire a coach. Good coaches are great thinking partners. Second, we can cultivate a coaching relationship with those around us who have the talent and who can see then set aside their biases. Third, we can start of join a group of like-minded leaders from outside our organization. Sometimes called a mastermind, this group offers listening and coaching to all members.


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