I help people like you build great businesses and careers.  I am a…

  • Coach, consultant, confidant: I listen, give (figurative) kicks in the boot, and share practical tools & approaches.
  • Speaker, teacher, writer: I develop and deliver content that moves you and your organization.
  • Connector: I connect you with good people who will help you and who you can help, too.

How to Succeed

You see that something needs to shift. You’ve tried or considered lots of ideas. And so far, no shifting.

Why not? Because most of the things we can try are good but incomplete. Any sort of shift towards more success demands attention in four areas at once. What we need to do is

  • Define Your Next Success so that it is clear, complete, and compelling to all who matter.
  • Develop Deep Partnerships with all those people who matter. You can never, ever do it alone.
  • Direct Your Attention so that your attitude, approach, and thinking point you in the right direction. Focus on what you want and not on what’s wrong or what you don’t want.
  • Act Naturally. Despite what you have heard, the most effective people and organizations know how to be extremely effective with little or no stress and struggle. Over time, you will get into a very natural and productive flow of action.

Since 1999, I have helped hundreds of business leaders, teams, career searchers, sales and marketing pros. Clients have said they appreciate my ability to understand their specific situations. And they like how we together apply the appropriate tools and approaches for practical results.

Please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!