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Get clear on the what and the why. The how, who, and when will become silly simple. Any focus on the who, how, and when without really knowing the what and the why explains most of the resistance, pain, or frustration we experience.   In your corner, Mike PS: Yes. Resistance, pain, and frustration are […]

Just Add And

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We believe in trade-offs: we can have either freedom or structure, money or doing what we love, short-term profits or long-term sustainability, good looks or good personality, I win or you win, openness or security, low price or good quality, etc. These apparent dichotomies create intractable problems and limit our health, wealth, and happiness. Yet […]

What to Do When We See People Struggling, Pushing, Fighting, Complaining, Burning Out, or Leaving.

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Every business must have a rhythm for people getting the right things done well together. The rhythm includes regular, sane, productive meetings, a way to select, do, track, and course-correct strategic projects, communication and accountability norms, role designs that say what results (not tasks) we expect from each person, hiring people who understand and support […]


Most People

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Most people come to know only one corner of their room, one spot near the window, one narrow strip on which they keep walking back and forth. – Ranier Maria Rilke And life waits patiently outside their door, wagging its tail, excited to show them all the delights and possibilities. If only they would be […]


How to Build a Truly Compelling Goal

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Success demands a clear, compelling, and commonly understood vision or goal. Such a goal answers the big question, “Why?” We can probably write a clear goal. And we can include whoever matters as we build it so that the goal is commonly understood. But to make it compelling our goal needs to satisfy these criteria: It comes […]


Feeling Rudderless?

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Achieving anything meaningful requires both a clear desire for something new and a complete acceptance of whatever is happening now. Anything else leaves us rudderless.   In your corner, Mike PS: “Complete acceptance” means we do not attack the situation or its proponents. No complaints, no defensiveness, no arguing, no fear, no dwelling. PPS: And can someone […]


A Formula for Success

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We struggle when we try to make things happen through action (or, occasionally, avoiding action) alone. There is a better formula. And it is simple. Choose what you want. Easy. Yet we can at times be unclear about what we want. Example: “Instead of rushing and fretting, I want to have more time for family, work, […]


People Problems

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Most problems are people problems. Ram Charan, Dominic Barton, & Dennis Carey, HBR, August 2015 Miscommunication, misunderstanding, and conflict. The wrong people in the wrong roles. Politics. Lack of accountability and follow-though. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Poor leadership. Overwhelm. People not evolving as the organization and its markets evolve. Turnover and retirements. Misalignment of goals and […]

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Are We Allowed?

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Are we allowed to have what we want–whatever we dream–really? Our honest answer to this determines pretty much how successful we will be in business, career, and life.   In your corner, Mike PS: And we are 100% free to change our answer to this whenever we want. PPS: Get it? See?   Today’s photo […]