Feeling Rudderless?

Achieving anything meaningful requires both a clear desire for something new and a complete acceptance of whatever is happening now. Anything else leaves […]


People Problems

Most problems are people problems. Ram Charan, Dominic Barton, & Dennis Carey, HBR, August 2015 Miscommunication, misunderstanding, and conflict. The wrong people in […]

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Are We Allowed?

Are we allowed to have what we want–whatever we dream–really? Our honest answer to this determines pretty much how successful we will […]


How You Fit

I don’t know what is the ideal life- and work path for you. But I do know it will use and refine […]

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Learning to Argue

Turns out that the best course of action is rarely the one we (first) thought of. To get the most out of […]


A Cure-All

There is a cure that is good for reducing unsightly politics, itchy inaction, painful apathy, and embarrassing turnover. It is also good […]