A Formula for Success


We struggle when we try to make things happen through action (or, occasionally, avoiding action) alone. There is a better formula. And it is simple.

  1. Choose what you want. Easy. Yet we can at times be unclear about what we want. Example: “Instead of rushing and fretting, I want to have more time for family, work, friends, and me.”
  2. Choose who and how you need to be in order to have what you want. Harder, at first. But doable. Example: “In order to have more time, I choose to be open and trust that all the things will work out fine.”
  3. Raise your buzz and be what you chose. Easy. Buzz-raising takes us where we want to go.
  4. Act as inspired. Easy and fun. Now we act. Resist the temptation to jump to this step before completing the other three.
  5. Repeat from Step 3 until success. Easy. And see the note below.

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PS: Step 2 is the power of this formula.

PPS: When this formula fails us it’s because we forgot Step 5.

PPPS: Why does this work? Because how we are affects our ability to notice opportunities, our performance, and others’ willingness to help.


Today’s photo credit: Joe Sullivan cc

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