Effectiveness Habit #7: Cultivate Access to You

You can build today’s habit to strengthen the other six.

Effectiveness Habit #7: Cultivate Access to You

Due in part to our busy-ness, we regularly lose track of deeper meaning in life. And this leaves us stressed or numb. We end up believing that life is harder than it is and that we are

  • just the sum of our thoughts and feelings,
  • what we get done, or
  • what roles we play.

That’s not who we are. We are much bigger than that. And we have more peace, pleasure, and productivity when we cultivate our understanding and access to who we really are.

There are many ways to describe this experience of a larger self. And there are many ways to cultivate access to it. Despite the millenia of fighting, wars, and isolation to have a single correct way to describe and approach this larger self, there is no one way. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that there are at least 7 billion ways.

That said, consider some common approaches. They may help you tune the way you cultivate access to You.

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Learning your SweetSpot™
  • Reviewing your mission, goals, and objectives
  • Prayer
  • Music
  • Hanging out
  • Philosophical discussions
  • Yoga
  • Nature
  • Shopping
  • Walks
  • Readiing something that spurs growth or that inspires

Dedicate regular time to discovering and accessing your deeper, who-you-really-are self. The peace and calm that ensues helps you do the other habits better and with more ease.

Note: This habit may be uncomfortable for you. You may find yourself rejecting it out of hand. If so, that’s fine. Just set this habit aside and concentrate on the other six.

2 thoughts on “Effectiveness Habit #7: Cultivate Access to You

  1. Wow, Mike … This whole thing is quite fantastic! You should think about writing a book: ahort, to the point, like an instruxction manual, with a an appropriately catchy title that will bring in a wide audience, not just the business community. I’ve found it all very inspiring in a week focussed on taxes, financial planning and trying to figure out how to be more effective in my consulting job.

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