We Are Like Our Smartphones

Like our smartphones, we can run on battery or plug in.

We can go for a while on battery but eventually we will start dragging. On low battery, we feel bad. We blame what must be broken things in other people, the situation, or ourselves. Our effectiveness, enjoyment, and achievements drop.

Plugged in and fully charged, we feel wonderful, take responsibility for everything, and find things getting done with ease. Life is delicious.

Plugging in means nothing more than putting our attention on what we appreciate, what feels good, what we love. Thought by thought, we feel better and better until we’re fully charged. Meditation, connection to something higher, or any of the buzz raising tools would work.

It is tempting to try to stay plugged in and fully charged. But that’s neither possible nor desirable. The worry we would feel about trying to stay plugged in is all it takes to unplug us. And running on battery is needed to experience life. Like our cell phones, we are made to wander in and wonder at the world in all its glory and all its mess. From what we see, we guide our lives. We pick new things we want to have, experience, and accomplish from the mix of good and bad we’ve noticed. We can’t do that if we’re always plugged in.

Many of us simply forget about plugging in. Instead, we struggle through our days, drained.

No need. Just plug in.


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2 thoughts on “We Are Like Our Smartphones

  1. Your comments are getting more and more philosophical, Mike! I love them! Time to consolidate it all in a book? But what a giant project that would be… One of those distant goals, like achieving savings sufficient for retirement, or seeing the boys off to their independent life.

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