Struggling with Something? C’mon Back


Struggle means getting caught in a do-have loop.

Whenever we are struggling with a problem, we are most assuredly doing things over and over in an effort to have the results we think we want.

“I’ll do this in order to have that. Oh, that didn’t work? I’ll do this other thing to have that other thing. Then I’ll do a little of that and have a little of this. Do this, have that. No? How about Do that, have this? Do-have, do-have, do-have…”

To exit the loop, we need to take a step back. Yes, because taking a break helps. And, pulling back, we see another place to start: be. How will we choose to be in order to open things up, feel good, and succeed with ease? We can raise our buzz, ask ourselves that question, and trust the answers we give.

Normally, the answers will include one or more of, “I choose to be calmer,” “I choose to raise my buzz,” “I choose to be confident,” “I choose to be that person who I most admire,” and “I choose to be caring.”

Once we’ve chosen a new, good-feeling be, we will see and be inspired to try a new do. And what we want to have will come with much more ease.

This sort of step back is one we will take again and again because it feels good and works well.

C’mon back!


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