Clearing the Three Roadblocks to Work-Life Balance


Here are three work-life balance roadblocks and ways to clear them:

  1. We see “work” as something we struggle through. We see the grind, the guilt about tasks not yet done, the politics, the commute, the conditions, and everything we “have to do.” Instead, let’s choose to work from within our SweetSpots. Things happen with more ease when we are doing whatever is most compelling, rewarding, and meaningful to us.
  2. We don’t know what we mean when we say, “life.” What, exactly, do we want to balance with “work”? Typically, we think of the things we or others say we should do: go to the gym, be home on time to make dinner, get enough quality time alone or with the family, etc. “Shoulds” always feel bad. And these often unexamined ideas can be too rigid or too vague. Instead, let’s make specific, realistic commitments to our relationships with our bodies, homes, partners, families, etc. “I am committed to a strong, healthy body. And to a family life where we all feel supported in our goals and enjoying each others’ company.” With this clarity, we can make clearer choices day-to-day about what we will focus upon and do next.
  3. We treat “balance” as an adjective: Balance is something we do, not something we are. If we could ever be balanced, we and life would instantly conjure something new to do and upset the balance.  Instead, let’s think about balance as a verb. “Today, based on my commitments, I will balance by choosing what I will focus on from among everything I could focus on. I will continue to balance and re-balance today despite any curve balls thrown my way. I will choose again tomorrow.”

No struggle, no shoulds; balance.


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