Nudge Your Career (and your organization’s strategy) Back Into Alignment


When we are in our SweetSpot, work ceases to be a stress or struggle.

Where there is stress or struggle, we are out of our SweetSpot. That means we are misaligned in one or more of these four ways:

  • We are not using enough of our talents,
  • We are not engaging enough with and seeing enough rewards from our care-abouts,
  • We are not solving enough compelling problems for other people or groups of people, and/or
  • We are not having enough of our needs, wants, and desires met.

Sometimes, we need only give our selves a nudge in the right direction.


In your corner,



PS: The last one, “not having enough of our needs, wants, and desires met,” is the most common misalignment. And often we are unaware of it. We feel bad and justify it with “yeah, but…” statements such as, “Yeah, but, I can’t make the kind of money I want to in that career.” What are your “yeah, buts”?

PPS: Our organizations can be out of alignment with their SweetSpots, too. We can nudge them back by aligning the organization’s strategy with the its talents, care-abouts, needs/wants/desires, and with the compelling problems it solves for other people and groups of people.


Today’s photo credit: Sarah Fagg cc

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