Better Interviews


The usual way to think of a job interview is as some sort of a test. The interviewee, wanting to be judged worthy, studies and rehearses ahead of time, dresses well, and prepares to be grilled. The interviewer, desperate not to make a many-ways-costly bad hire, brings out a barrage of tools, questions, scenarios, and brain teasers.

Neither usually realizes that they are each playing a role. And that they each are more likely to get what they want by just having a chat.

The better way to think of a job interview is as a comfortable, mutually respectful, “let’s go for win-win” conversation. Both people build and keep building rapport. Both explore what’s important to each of them, what they are each trying to accomplish, and what some of the challenges are. If it is going well, both talk about the logistics of working together and next steps including who else should be part of this conversation in the future.

If you are the interviewee, you can gently move a grilling interview to this better mode of interviewing by asking questions about them, their goals, and their challenges. If you are the interviewer, no need to wait on this one. Set the grilling aside and start conversing.


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