Quieting Your Should Engine

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One very good way to quiet our Should Engine is to make choices about who we are (or want to be) and what we want. Take a typical morning clean-up routine, for example. We can hear our Should Engine barking that we should make the bed, empty the dishwasher, put away the breakfast thibgs, and […]

Our Should Engine and Our Freedom Engine

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It’s like we have two engines inside us: our Should Engine and our Freedom Engine. Both mostly operate without us being aware of them. Our Should Engine pumps out evaluations, judgments, and “shoulds” (“You should be more organized. You should be nicer. You should…”). It thinks its job is to get us to do all the things people […]


Clearing the Three Roadblocks to Work-Life Balance

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Here are three work-life balance roadblocks and ways to clear them: We see “work” as something we struggle through. We see the grind, the guilt about tasks not yet done, the politics, the commute, the conditions, and everything we “have to do.” Instead, let’s choose to work from within our SweetSpots. Things happen with more ease […]


No Shoulds

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Catch yourself when, in making a decision, you say, “I should,” “I ought to,” or “I have to.” Even if we seem to be the authors of the thoughts, “shoulds” etc. are other peoples’ requests that we have accepted without full consideration. When we “should all over ourselves” with these thoughts, we waste energy, time, […]