Has Something Gone Wrong?


It’s easy think that something has gone wrong. Given all the horrible news we hear every day, we’d be forgiven for believing that the rules of the game have changed for the worse.

But, no. I checked. The Golden Rule, with all of its benefits, is still very much in force. Going for win-win-or-let’s-not-play is still profoundly more effective than  “I win-you lose” or “you win-I lose.”


In your corner,


PS: Sometimes, the hardest part is remembering to do it. Just know what you want (high-level, not the details or the “how”), learn what they want, then collaborate to find better solutions than either of you could have thought up alone.

PPS: Works everywhere. We can start today with the people closest to us.


Today’s photo credit: Leilani Elderts cc

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