Make It Easy for Them to Help You

easy as pie

How do you get more people to make a donation to a charity? Be pleasant. Believe in the cause yourself, tell people what specifically you want them to donate, give them an easy-to-notice link to press, and make the transaction as friction-free as possible.

How do you get a decision out of a busy executive? Be pleasant. Prepare. Tell them the issue–in one sentence. Tell them the impact of this issue–as they would see it–in one sentence. List the options they might take in a bullet list. Give them your recommendation and reasoning. Then ask them for their decision.

How do you get people to go for a networking coffee with you? Be pleasant, commit to keeping the meeting to 20 minutes long (but book an hour on your calendar should they wish to extend the conversation), and find a time (even if it’s weeks away) and place that is convenient for them.

If we make it easy for people to help us then most of them will.


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