It’s a Paradox


Any success demands both a clear, compelling description of our desired outcome and a complete acceptance of whatever we have now (that, presumably, is not that outcome).

I want to sell more and I completely accept my current sales volume. I want to reduce turnover and I completely accept the current turnover. I want a promotion and completely accept that I am not yet receiving that promotion. I want to lose 10 pounds and I completely accept my current weight. I want more time with my family and I completely accept how much time I have with my family now.

When we fail to completely accept whatever we have now, we short-circuit our ability to get what we want. We remain so subtly but strongly fixed on fighting what we don’t want (current sales volumes, turnover, promotion status, weight, family time) that we keep missing the boat of what we want.

We may resist accepting what we have now because it sounds like we are agreeing with it. Nope. Agreeing implies living with some limit. Accepting means acknowledging what we don’t want and not fighting it. Fighting feels bad. Accepting does not.

We completely resolve this paradox by shifting our focus to what we want. That feels great.


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Today’s photo credit: Anders Sandberg cc

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