Worst Way to Start Your Day

The worst way to start your day is by knuckling down and getting to work. Jumping right into your tasks out of habit, pressure, or guilt can work for while. Over time, though, you’ll drain your mental/physical/emotional batteries and burn out.

The best way to start your day is by

How did you start your day today?


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P.S. What’s the second worst way to start your day? Reading or listening to the news.

2 thoughts on “Worst Way to Start Your Day

  1. That’s wild, Mike. I always though there was something wrong with me for easing into work when ‘serious’ people seemed to knuckle down! Would any work session follow a similar pattern, albeit a shorter one most likely?

  2. Mike I have been reading your blog daily, while starting my new role, I don’t profess to living by the rules 100% but try to adopt them and prevent the gremlins from getting in , they are so intelligent, simple a and logical.
    My favorite by far is how can I make this feel different, it works every time and changes my mindset and posture, it’s good .

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