How to Make Money
How to Make Money

How to Make Money

The best way to make money is not to try.

The next best way is to help others be happier, freer, and growing in any way that works for you and them. This is possible even for the business you are in right now.

After that comes making a wage/salary/fee/bonus–minuscule or gargantuan–in exchange for your time, know-how, or assets.

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PS: “Try” usually sprouts from a thought of “can’t or probably won’t.”

PPS: By “not to try” I mean not to push to make it happen or fret about it not coming. So don’t “try.” I do mean getting clear about what you want and looking forward to its arrival with calm excitement.

PPPS: Have you noticed how the second can be a natural byproduct of the first? And the third is a byproduct of the second? Yeah,  I love when that kinda stuff happens, too.


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