How to Make Money

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The best way to make money is not to try. The next best way is to help others be happier, freer, and growing in any way that works for you and them. This is possible even for the business you are in right now. After that comes making a wage/salary/fee/bonus–minuscule or gargantuan–in exchange for your […]

Quick Return to Calm Excitement

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When we have let our Effectiveness System lapse or if we never really got it started, we need a way to launch ourselves toward the calm excitement we desire. Try this: On a single sheet of paper, write down the things that are top of mind that you would like to get done in the […]

Calm Excitement

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The goal of an Effectiveness System is to have a tool that can help you maintain a state of calm excitement. ‘Calm’ because you are on top of things. ‘Excitement’ because, from this vantage point, you have the freedom to create whatever you choose to create next. Yes, really. In your corner, Mike